Wix Orientation Day

Wix Orientation Day Scavenger Hunt | Tel Aviv | 07.24.2017
Start: 07.24.2017 | 02:15 AM EST Finish: 07.24.2017 | 03:50 AM EST


PositionTeamTotal ScoreTotal Time
 1 Red band;)25000:58:13
 2 The Protagonists22001:16:09
 3 BLU20500:56:25
 4 Champs20001:06:51
 5 The A team!19000:57:28
 6 Yellow15501:04:19

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Hot!, נצנ, Too hot, It's been great so far, Fun, 👌🏻, It's nice and warm out :), Great, So fun, 😀, Awesome, Too hot

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